At isleptsowell, we are deeply committed to environmental stewardship, sustainability, and the ethical treatment of animals. Our European Down and Down and Feather is DownPass certified. This independent certification stands as a testament to our dedication to ethical sourcing, ensuring that the down and feathers used in our products are sourced from suppliers who adhere to the highest standards of sustainability. The DownPass certification also provides assurance of a strictly controlled and traceable supply chain, reinforcing our commitment to transparency and ethical sourcing practices. 

The carbon footprint of a down duvet is generally lower compared to other fill materials. As stated by the International Down and Feather Testing Laboratory (IDFL), "Down and feathers have the lowest carbon footprint of any other fill material, both natural and synthetic." However, the exact carbon footprint can vary based on several factors, including the sourcing and processing of the down and feathers, the manufacturing process of the duvet, and the transportation and distribution methods. Notably, products that utilize reclaimed or recycled down, or down sourced from environmentally conscious suppliers, can have a significantly lower carbon footprint. 

Furthermore, down duvets are typically more durable and have a longer lifespan compared to synthetic alternatives, contributing to a lower overall environmental impact. However, the most sustainable choice will depend on a variety of factors, including its lifespan, usage, and end-of-life disposal. 

January 16, 2024 — Erik Nilsson