• Deluxe Wool Adjustable Pillow

    Deluxe Wool Adjustable Pillow

    Pillows have been around for more than 9,000 years and are a lot more comfortable now than they were in the year 7000 BC when they were made of stone. By the mid-1800s they had evolved and were more commonly made with cotton. Now pillows come in all shapes and sizes and are made of many different fibres. A wool pillow might be considered by many to be more luxurious, but actually because wool is easily laundered, it can be more economical than pillows with synthetic fibres that inevitably lose their shape and durability over time. Our Wool Pillow Collection...

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  • Kapok Pure Dream Pillow

    Kapok Pure Dream Pillow

    Did you know that your pillows should be replaced every 18-24 months? Pillows made with natural fibres will usually last longer than synthetic pillows but if your pillows are stained or no longer holding their shape, you may want to consider replacing them. Pillows can also collect dead skin cells, fungus, and dust mites – all of which you’re resting your head on every night for 7-8 hours. Selecting the right pillow for you is as important as selecting the correct mattress. To avoid putting strain on your neck and spine, it’s important to select a pillow that will support...

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  • Factors to Consider when Choosing Sheets

    Factors to Consider when Choosing Sheets

    If you’ve stayed in a luxury hotel or resort, you likely noticed that the sheets felt soft and opulent. That’s usually because high-end hotels ensure their linen has a high thread count – most hotels will provide sheets with a thread count ranging from 200 – 300. Thread count refers to the number of threads per inch and higher thread counts generally translate to a softer sheet.    So aside from the feel of sheets, you might be wondering if there are any other advantages to a higher thread count. Well, yes – high quality sheets can be laundered often without falling apart. In fact the higher the thread count,...

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  • Safe Sleep with Oeko-Tex

    Along with international production arises justified concerns about the safety of our hotel quality textiles – especially those used in close proximity to the skin.

    While such concerns often focus on clothing, the fact is we're in direct contact with our bedding fabrics for one third of our lives.
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  • Dust Mite Protection

    Concerns Over Dust Mite Allergens Ends with New Pillow Fabric Design

    EPI – Thanks to the ingenuity and persistence of ELN Living Ltd., the tiny particles that dust mites generate in your pillows need no longer cause sleepless nights.
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  • Aloe. The Natural Antimicrobial

    Antimicrobial fabric treatments have become increasingly popular during the past ten years. Well-known brands, like UltraFresh, BioFresh and Microban are now familiar in bedding departments, suggesting that consumers appreciate what these agents can do.

    Just what can they do? Antimicrobials are a proven and effective barrier against the viruses, bacteria, and fungi that can lead to illness. So, foremost among the benefits these treatments bring is improved health for ourselves and our families.

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