Did you know that it's recommended that you change out your pillows every 18–24 months? If your pillows have become soiled or are no longer able to maintain their shape, you should probably think about changing them. Pillows created with natural fibres often have a longer lifespan than pillows made with synthetic fibres. Additionally, dead skin cells, fungi, and dust mites can accumulate on pillows, all of which are things that you rest your head on every night for seven to eight hours.

Finding the perfect mattress for you is just as crucial as finding the right pillow for you to sleep on. It is essential to choose a pillow that will support your head, neck, and shoulders and, of course, will feel comfortable to you in order to prevent placing pressure on your neck and spine. This will prevent you from putting unnecessary stress on these areas.

Our Kapok Pillow Collection features products that are both environmentally responsible and ethically sourced. The seed coat of the kapok tree, which is native to Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, and northern South America as well as West Africa, is where the kapok fibre is obtained. The Kapok Tree is not damaged in any way during the process of harvesting the seed covering, and it maintains its capacity to produce seeds year after year.

This cushion offers a level of comfort that cannot be matched, and it is incredibly durable. Additionally, the pillow can be washed in its whole; however, if you use a pillow protector, you won't have to wash your pillow as frequently, if at all. If you absolutely have to wash your pillow, please ensure that you follow these instructions: wash it in the washing machine using only pure soap; next, dry it using a low heat setting while taking care not to wring it out.


January 20, 2024 — Erik Nilsson