Down Duvets and Temperature: Are They Too Hot? 

Down duvets are known for their excellent insulation properties. They work by trapping air, making them incredibly light, comfortable, compactable, and sustainable. In fact, when considering the weight to warmth ratio, down duvets are among the best insulators available. 

The question often arises: "Are down duvets hot?" The answer largely depends on the design of the duvet and your specific sleeping conditions, including your bedroom temperature. 

Down duvets can indeed feel hot if you purchase one designed for a cold bedroom and use it in a warm bedroom. If you prefer a warmer duvet, consider purchasing a Winter Warmth duvet. At, our goal is to ensure you are perfectly comfortable throughout the night, not too hot and not too cold...just right. 

To find a down duvet that meets your needs, match your bedroom temperature with the duvet's warmth rating. Sleep experts recommend an ideal bedroom temperature range between 60-68°F (15.6-20°C) for optimal sleep comfort. This range may vary slightly from person to person. 

Thermoregulation during sleep is a crucial factor for sleep quality. As you sleep, your body’s temperature naturally drops, so a cooler room can facilitate falling and staying asleep. Lowering the thermostat at night can work in tandem with these natural temperature fluctuations, signaling to your body that bedtime is approaching. 

It's important to note that infants may benefit from a bedroom that is one or two degrees warmer, up to 69°F (20.5°C), as their bodies are smaller and still developing. 

When choosing a down duvet, always select the appropriate warmth level for you. In some cases, you may need a lighter weight, less warm duvet for summer. If you are in between warmth levels, always choose the lighter version. 

Remember, these are general guidelines and individual comfort can vary. It's always best to adjust your bedroom environment to what feels most comfortable for you. Happy sleeping! 

January 15, 2024 — Erik Nilsson