I have been using the wool pillow now for more than 20 years. Since first using it I was very impressed with it’s simplicity but above all how well it comfortably supports the neck and head.

This pillow is easily moldable, taking a few seconds to fit the shape of one’s neck and head. The advantage of wool over feather is that wool breathes much better, and in doing so, is able to keep it’s shape.

The advantage of wool over foam and polyester is again that it breathes better. Wool can also be molded so that there is near nothing under the head when sleeping on the back. It is sleeping on the back where a pillow commonly fails for providing good support. Most pillows are too thick in the portion where the head rests. There should be a divot like pocket as in an old baseball catcher’s mit. If the pillow is too thick, the head is tilted forward. This adds to the problem of forward head carriage.  If you have forward head carriage some support is needed under the head but only enough where the head is parallel to the bed. If better posture if sought after you need a pillow where you can make the divot deeper and deeper as the neck is regaining its more neutral alignment - like a “c” curve.

Memory foam pillows do not breathe well and although they form to one’s posture they do not compress to anything when on your back. No thickness for where the head rests on the pillow when on your back is what should be aimed for when maintaining or trying to achieve good posture. There is also the question of off gassing from the memory foam. It appears the jury is still out on this whether a health concern or not…  

The main limitation from shaped foam pillows is just that, it is shaped and can not be changed. At it’s thinnest part it is still too thick for trying to achieve ideal posture when on your back. In addition, these shaped pillows only come in particular sizes. What happens if you do not fit the mold?

If injured as in a whiplash injury where the neck muscles tighten or spasm resulting in the neck curve straightening the pillow shape should be able to be changed to provide better support and comfort.  As the normal curvature of the neck is restored, the pillow needs to change its shape accordingly. 

Even without a neck injury many people in the western world have poor posture due to hand held devices and computer use. In particular, forward head carriage and shoulder rounding are needing correction. To aid with this the pillow’s shape needs to be able to be changed as the posture improves.

Since personally experiencing the postural benefits of the wool pillow I have been offering these to my patients. The feedback has been very positive.

Wool is best known for its breathability, which wicks moisture. There is less sweating and in turn less swings of temperature during sleep. This results in a more restorative sleep, as the body is using less energy to control body temperature during the night.

The temperature controlling properties, and it’s supportive ergonomic roll make the wool pillow a 10 out of 10 in my books.

Dr. James Grimmett

Chiropractor of 30 years.

April 03, 2021 — Erik Nilsson