Can a down duvet be washed? 

Yes, you can machine wash your down duvet or down comforter (they're the same thing, just called by different names). Here are some critical points to keep in mind: 

  1. Using a quality duvet cover and laundering it once per week will greatly reduce the need to launder your down duvet.
  2. When purchasing your down duvet from, the down in your duvet undergoes a rigorous cleaning process.
  3. If there are spills or spots on the down duvet, consider only cleaning the area impacted by the spill. If you act quickly, this should only remain on the surface and can be easily dealt with using a damp cloth and some liquid hand soap. Move the down to the edges of the box with your hand, then clean with a damp cloth, hand soap, and dry with a hair dryer.
  4. Consider airing your duvet outside on a dry day.
  5. Keep in mind the size of our down duvet and the size of your laundry machine and dryer. If it is a tight fit you may want to choose a laundromat with a triple loader size machine, as this will great improve the efficiency of cleaning and drying.

Here are the steps to wash your duvet at home in your laundry machine: 

  1. Use a small amount of pure soap.  
  2. Avoid using detergent or bleach.
  3. Use cold water and set the water level at high.
  4. Select a gentle cycle on your washing machine.
  5. The best type of washing machine to use is a front loader.
  6. To ensure the soap residue has been completely removed from the down duvet, put the duvet through an additional rinse cycle.
  7. Dry the down duvet at a low temperature, and check the duvet every ten minutes to make sure not to overheat the item. It will take several cycles and several hours to thoroughly dry the down duvet. Please be patient as the outside of the duvet may feel dry, however, it is critical that the down is completely dry otherwise you risk the down becoming musty.

As an alternative to washing your down duvet at home, you can choose to have your down duvet professionally laundered by a company experienced in laundering down duvets. 

December 30, 2023 — Erik Nilsson