Oeko-Tex Safe FabricsConcerns concerning the healthiness of modern hotel-quality fabrics, particularly those that come into direct contact with a person's skin, have been prompted by the fact that they are now produced on a global scale.
While worries of this nature frequently centre on clothing, the fact is that we spend one third of our lives in direct contact with the materials that make up our bedding.

Finding credible safety information on these textiles is, unfortunately, much easier said than done. Customers that make the effort must navigate through claims that are frequently in competition with one another without knowing who they can trust.

ELN Living is of the opinion that customers have a right to be informed in an approach that is logically sound and simple to comprehend regarding the security of the environment in which they sleep.

Because of this, the Oeko-Tex "Confidence in Textiles" Standard 100 Certification is present on all the wool and natural fill pillows, filled blankets, and comforters sold by ELN Living.

February 02, 2016 — Erik Nilsson