Your youngsters should not come into contact with dust mites. The New Pillow Fabric Design Puts an End to Worries Regarding Allergens Caused by Dust Mites

EPI – The minute particles that dust mites produce in your pillows no longer have to be the cause of restless nights thanks to the inventiveness and dogged determination of ELN Living Ltd.

Recent testing has shown that the ELN Living pillow fabric acts as an efficient barrier against the transfer of allergens that are caused by dust mites. Even allergen transfer along the seams of the pillow is prevented by this barrier.

In addition to this, ELN Living products eliminate allergens caused by dust mites without the use of any chemical sprays or other types of fabric treatments. The groundbreaking all-cotton, all-natural fabric used by ELN is said to be the key, according to sources that did not wish to be named.

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February 02, 2016 — Bryan Baker