The Trio WOOL Tempra Pillow

$61.00 $69.00


The Trio Tempra WOOL Pillow offers unparalleled support and comfort. Our unique 3 chamber design features a combination of Tencel and Clima Fibre which are both plant-based fibres. This special blend creates a balanced microclimate keeping you in a comfortable temperature range so you are never too hot or too cold. You won't be trying to find the cool side in the middle of the night with this revolutionary pillow!

In the supportive middle chamber enjoy the pure luxury of natural WOOL CLUSTERS, making this pillow completely sustainable. 

100% Cotton, 425 Thread Count Cover.

This pillow provides unmatched comfort and is exceptionally resilient.

The Trio Tempra Pillow is completely washable, however, the use of a pillow protector will eliminate and or reduce the need to wash your pillow. If you must wash your pillow please follow the following directions, machine wash on a gentle cycle, with pure soap, gentle dry on low heat as you want to dry the pillow evenly.