Avagne Pillow Protector with Gusset

$29.00 $38.00


Premium comfort and premium protection with our top-of-the-line Avagne Pillow Protector. Offering exceptional feel is our Luxurious Tencel Jersey fabric on the outer layer and then we add a waterproof membrane on the inside layer to assure that your pillows will stay fresh and clean.

The Gusset Pillow Protector is suitable for use with Gusset Style Pillows.

Our Avagne Pillow Protector is Breathable and resistant to spills. With regular washing, you can prevent and eliminate the breeding of Dust Mites, Mold & Bacteria.

For ease of use, we have made our zipper a corner wrap design to make it so simple to put the pillow protector on or remove it for laundering. 

Easy-care machine washable, and able to withstand 90 Degree Celsius Temperatures during washing and drying. Guaranteed for 50 washes.