Avagne Pillow

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The world's best pillow... The Avagne Pillow

The Avagne "Complete Pillow" is a pillow that embraces everything that we stand for. The pillow is incredibly soft and made from 330TC Cotton, temperature regulated, and made from our proprietary, completely sustainable Refresh Fibre! Furthermore, it's hypoallergenic and OekoTex Certified, which ensures that no harmful substances were used in the making of the fabrics.  

Our Refreshed Fibre is a revolutionary and superior fibre that provides incredible comfort. It is soft, cozy and provides the perfect amount of support. It does not retain odours; it's eco-friendly and sustainable; and it has superior thermal insulation to keep the body warm (more applicable for duvets); and superior vapour transport and buffer capacity properties, to maintain a comfortable micro climate around the body.