Designing for comfort

While luxury, boutique and lifestyle have led the way, the design craze in the hospitality marketplace now spans all sectors. This trend exemplifies a faith in design as the trigger of key emotions that lead to returns and referrals.

And yet . . . the research indicates otherwise.

Studies by Market Metrix into what 30,000 frequent travelers actually think, e.g., cite "comfort" as the most significant driver of positive emotional associations.

Surprising to some, guests connect "comfort" with products over services by more than two to one. And when asked to describe what "comfortable" means, they say its "a cozy, clean bed and pillow" more than anything else.

Perhaps design does influence loyalty. But attention to the sleeping environment may do more to improve your returns and referrals.

If it's loyalty you want, ELN Living's luxurious, Oeko-Tex certified bedding is a solution both you and your guests will appreciate.