Silk Duvet Superfine Lightweight

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Wrap yourself in luxury with our Superfine Lightweight Silk Duvet, meticulously crafted with the finest Mulberry Silk. The Quilted Design ensures silk consistency throughout.

This Summer Comfort duvet brings you ultimate sleeping joy, offering lightweight warmth for years. Perfect for hot sleepers, warm bedrooms, and summer nights. Enjoy the blissful balance of luxurious cotton and Mulberry Silk, keeping you naturally comfy all night.

Embrace the cozy luxury of nature's finest materials.

Care instructions:
Please use a duvet cover to protect your investment. The guarantee is not valid if this product is used without a duvet cover. Periodically hang to air out. To clean either spot clean with a pure soap and/or use a professional launderer who has experience with Silk.

Product Features

  • Cloud like comfort
  • 150gsm fill
  • 100% cotton 300 thread count outer shell
  • Hypoallergenic: get a restful nights sleep without the worry of allergens
  • Oeko-Tex certified: all of our products are free from any unhealthy or harmful textile chemicals

10 Year Warranty

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