Avagne Aromatherapy Bedding Mist



A deep and restful sleep is yours with the help of therapeutic essentials oils! Simply mist over pillows and bedding...sleep deep!

We source our essentials oils from a small, family-run business that specializes in rare, unusual, organic and wild crafted essentials oils from small-scale boutique growers. Our business philosophies are aligned as our supplier supports ethical, sustainable and small scale production from around the world and have deep and meaningful relationships with their partners.

Avagne Synergy, our signature blend has been created with the intention of putting the hustle and bustle behind you. Enjoy this decadent aroma as you unwind, sit-back and relax. 

Sublime Touch, a clean uplifting and reassuring aroma. This synergy has been blended to help bring calm and a deep sense of comfort. Another great choice to settle in with at the end of a busy day.

French Lavender is one of the most sought after aroma-therapies creates the sublime setting of tranquility. The perfect choice to promote wellness and calm.