Aloe. The Natural Antimicrobial

Natural Aloe Vera PlantAntimicrobial fabric treatments have become increasingly popular during the past ten years. Well-known brands, like UltraFresh, BioFresh and Microban are now familiar in bedding departments, suggesting that consumers appreciate what these agents can do.

Just what can they do? Antimicrobials are a proven and effective barrier against the viruses, bacteria, and fungi that can lead to illness. So, foremost among the benefits these treatments bring is improved health for ourselves and our families.

More generally, our bedding is simply fresher and cleaner with antimicrobials. It also lasts longer and performs better over time.

ELN has always liked the advantages of antimicrobials. But we admit to being more than a little concerned about the chemicals required to make them.

That's why ELN is so pleased to be able to introduce a new aloe vera antimicrobial treatment. ELN Aloe Vera remains in the fabric even after 50 washes, and it has proven itself to be just as effective as existing antimicrobials in preventing viral, bacterial, and fungal transmission.

At last, a natural bedding antimicrobial we can all feel good about – one that gives us a healthy bed without doing harm to ourselves or the planet.

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